Be ready for a future of smarter, sustainable mobility with SCALAR. As a provider of the infrastructure and expertise for the electric mobility, SCALAR offers convenient EV charging solutions for daily driving needs. Enjoy your hassle-free EV travel with our solutions.


We've been shaping innovative future of EV charging  and mobility with our technology and services.

Scalar Connector

Charge your EV easier and safer at any charging station on your route with a portable Scalar Connector.

Scalar Platform

Charge your EV smarter with Scalar Platform. The integrated and location-based service makes your driving more convenient.

Emergency EV Charging

Power up your stranded EV at the roadside. Scalar offers roadside assistance service for emergency EV charging.

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Enjoy your EV driving smarter and simpler with SCALAR! 

As a provider of EV charging solutions, we meet the needs of EV drivers on a global level. With our innovative technologies and services, we are paving the way for a sustainable future of mobility.


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