Your daily EV driving will be smarter

with intuitive mobile solution

01. Connect & Monitor

Connect with your EV and monitor the condition of vehicle. Start the  intelligent management for your EV with the Scalar Platform's Vehicle-to-Grid technology.

02. E-Mobility on the Grid

Through Scalar's location-based mobile app, find the nearest EV charging station and repair shop elsewhere in Korea. We are paving the way for convenient EV driving life.

03. Flexible & Scalable

As a flexible and scalable solution, Scalar Platform makes your e-Mobility driving life much easier. From robust connector to reliable and intelligent software, our solutions optimize your energy consumption and EV management cost.

04. Charging Assistance

Scalar's Charging Assistance service enables you to focus more on your work or special occasions you didn't expected. Just take your time and we charge your EV on charging station nearby in an hour. You can find your fully charged EV in the parking lot you parked.