Charge your EV easier and safer

at any charging station on your route


01. Various Compatibility

4 different types of Scalar connectors ensure AC/AC, AC/DC and AC/COMBO power conversions for all electric vehicles

02. Portable & Functional

Simply charge with portable compact connector or 1 and 3M cable-attached connector whenever, wherever needed

03. Easy to Set-up and Use

Just connect the CCS1 charger to the Scalar Connector and plug it into your EV supporting GB/T plug

04. Safe & Durable

Scalar Connectors are designed for all weather conditions, and the contact material is Polyamide-imide, which has good durability and conductivity

What makes the SCALAR CONNECTOR more convenient?

More than just an adapter

With Wall-mounted connector, Portable Adapter and Portable Power Bank Charger, Scalar's reliable products offer convenient charging experience.

Compact & Functional cable

Hit the road with your fully charged EV with portable Scalar Connector. No matter how close or far the charger is, 0.3, 1 and 3M Scalar connectors give you maximum freedom to charge your EV.

Integrated Charging Solution

From reliable and safe hardware to intelligent software, Scalar offers integrated charging experience to users for their hassle-free EV travel.

Start your hassle-free EV travel now!