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Efficient operation/AC conversion of a flow motor

The Development Period of the Entrepreneurship

The recent issues of fine dust and fumes have clouded the city sky, causing environmental pollution. It is also the cause of many factories in China, and our population in the capital area is also causing a lot of environmental pollution problems. Our Scala Product team thought we needed a better solution, so we came up with the idea of a fourth industry revolution.

In line with the government's green policy and the implementation of electric vehicle subsidies, the company is planning to seek solutions with the current government's eco-friendly electric vehicle subsidies, and the project is designed with a cleaner sense of social purpose.

The biggest inconvenience/problem for the current electric vehicle market and electric vehicle drivers is the issue of charging. Scalar Products wants to address the fundamentals of electric vehicle problems with a more environmentally friendly sense of purpose.


- Corporate social mission

Through charging station for electric vehicles, we will reduce inconvenience and burden of electric vehicles, and we will make eco-friendly metropolitan areas with active expansion of electric vehicle market.


- Economic effects

We look forward to the economic impact of charging socket sales and the ripple costs of the business's derivatives (car-related parts). When the team succeeds in commercializing the team, we plan to reduce the total income by more than 5 percent to an eco-friendly cost that will reduce harmful substances. The Scalar Product Team considers building prototypes in less than two months with the mindset to think and act and practice.

Electric vehicle charging socket: A charging socket that connects the charging method of electric vehicle companies that have different charging methods together.

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