Vehicle Maintenance

Increase accessibility with 3-5 DAYS in the form of various online shopping malls and offline stores.


Battery Change

Various compatibility methods, including dedicated wall hang connectors, dedicated portable connectors, and power-cube connectors.


Tires Fix & Replacements

3D print only fast socket part, resulting in static design (modelling) = production safety through reverse design (scan).


Tow Truck

The project is 3D printed on each electric vehicle company's charged socket with lighter weight with plastic material.


Oil & Break Checks

Reduce unnecessary length to 0.3M to reduce cost.

The basic cables are light enough to reduce the length and weight.


Engine Repairs

Simple and colorfully designed, offering a variety of options.

AC-AC, AC-DC, AC-COMBO-compatible

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Our Services

- Mechanics

- Viscous mode 

- Converter 

- System Configuration

- Power Device and Snuber

- Battery Change

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